Roman Arena

A Survival Guide to the Verona Opera

Verona’s magnificent Roman Arena is the setting for the annual Festival of Opera. This attracts audiences from all over the world who come and listen to famous operas sung in the open air and in a setting where people have gathered for over 2000 years. The tickets are snapped up quickly but there are ways [...]

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A Local Guide to Amsterdam

With so much to do in Amsterdam, you may get a little feeling that you have not got the most out of your trip to the city when you are leaving. However, there is plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your holiday, with one of the best things to [...]

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Exploring Lisbon Riviera

In the vicinity of Lisbon, on the beautiful coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a large number of luxury resorts, the so-called Lisbon Riviera  It is an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday thanks to the perfect combination of luxury hotels, villas, fabulous natural beauty, historical and cultural monuments and non-stop entertainment. The resorts that are [...]

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Yomiuri Giants mascot

5 Activities in Tokyo if you’re on a Budget

Tokyo is an expensive city but that doesn’t mean it lacks budget activities. It is packed with beautiful parks and historic temples and shrines that can keep you busy for days. If you are more interested in the lifestyle and want to dig deeper in the Tokyo experience and not your wallet, try these 5 [...]

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Reichstag, Berlin, Germany

5 Activities for Doing Berlin on a Budget

Berlin on a Budget The capital of Germany is not known as being overly expensive but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some Euros for another pint. If you’re trying to do Berlin on a budget, here are some starter activities for you: Free Walking Tour This is an absolute must and a great starting [...]

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Wineglass Bay

An Iconic Beach in Each Australian State that You Must Experience

Australia is famous for its incredible beaches, thanks to stretches of pristine coastline and a tendency for beautiful weather. In a country that is filled with seemingly endless beaches, it can be tough to know which ones to add to your travel bucket list. To make things easier, here is an iconic beach in each [...]

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5 Best Places to Learn Spanish in South America

If online classes and racy Mexican soap operas are getting you nowhere in your quest to learn Spanish, why not try something different. South America offers many destinations learn the language and provides culture and activities to keep you engaged. With that we give 5 excellent places to learn Spanish in South America. Buenos Aires [...]

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Lake Como, Italy

5 Great Hikes in Italy

5 Great Hikes in Italy Italy is full of great wine and even better food. If you are traveling the country for any length of time, or have had ONE diner out, you may be looking to get some exercise. Thankfully there is no shortage of great hikes in Italy. The Dolomites Part of the [...]

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4 Little Known Destinations for Thrill Seekers

Five-star escapes are fancy-free and fun…If you like that sort of thing. The dull cash, grind or die lifestyle of the working weekend holidaymakers is enough to send the body to sleep; instead of reclining with an over-priced cocktail on a beach seen by millions on rotation every year, wake up your senses and cling [...]

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cruise ship

5 Biggest Myths about a Cruise Holiday

If you’ve ever heard anything through the grapevine about cruise holidays then chances are that, somewhere in the mix, you’ve probably heard a few of the common cruise myths that seem to get caught up in any conversation about cruising. Well, to put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a list of the 5 [...]

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