5 Great Hikes in Italy

5 Great Hikes in Italy

Italy is full of great wine and even better food. If you are traveling the country for any length of time, or have had ONE diner out, you may be looking to get some exercise. Thankfully there is no shortage of great hikes in Italy.

The Dolomites

Rosengarten, Dolomites great hikes in Italy

Image: Maurice via Flickr

Part of the Southern Limestone Alps, this mountain range in north eastern Italy is a European skiing destination in the winter and a hikers playground in the summer. Incredibly popular and with trailheads easily accessible, it can be very crowded. Don’t let this deter you; the jagged lime stone peaks and vast green meadows are worth the potential lines and Germen walking sticks. These hills were heavily used during World War I and today you can hike the original paths and iron climbing ladders that were dug in and fought over during the war. Popular weeklong hikes such as the Alta Via1 that include overnight huts are also available to explore.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Manarolo Village, Italy

Image: kelvin Lynch via Flickr

This group of five small fishing villages on Italy’s northwestern coast has quickly become one of the most popular great hikes in Italy. Untouched by commercialization, these coastal villages are linked by very few roads and an easy but incredibly scenic walking path. Postcard worthy pictures of each colorful village are yours to be had. After a long day of hiking great wine and local Italian cuisine awaits you.

Stomboli Volcano

This active volcano north of Sicily offers one of the most strenuous and challenging hikes in Italy. The 6-7 hour guided hike gives visitors one of the few opportunities to see a volcanic eruption up close however it does come with a price. Trekking through volcanic rock and ash in high heat will take its toll. With a reward of amazing views and the chance to see something few will ever see is worth it.

Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy

Image: John Picken via Flickr

With crisp blue water and the Alps as a backdrop, it is easy to see why hiking around Lake Como is so spectacular. Italians, tourists, and the wealthy from around the world have been heading to the area for over 100 years. You can’t argue with George Clooney. Numerous trails are available in varying difficulties. Cable cars from Como and Argegno are an easy way to get up the mountains with little effort. Several trail heads start from the top as well. For amazing views and a challenge try hiking up Monte di Tremezzo.


Tuscany, Italy

Image: Brian Jeffery Beggerly via Flickr

With more to offer than vino and great food, Tuscany is a great hiking destination in Italy. Monte Forato is one of the most popular and challenging hikes in the area. This 5-hour hike offers amazing views of the naturally carved out arch between two peaks.

Weather you’re detoxifying a weeks worth of wine, burning off some pasta, or are just out to see some amazing scenery, these 5 great hikes in Italy has you covered.


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