A Local Guide to Amsterdam

With so much to do in Amsterdam, you may get a little feeling that you have not got the most out of your trip to the city when you are leaving. However, there is plenty of things you can do to get the most out of your holiday, with one of the best things to try and act like a local would – which means you can fully immerse yourself in what the city has to offer. Here is a local’s guide to travelling around Amsterdam.



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Holland, and Amsterdam in particular, is extremely bike friendly. One of the first things you might notice about the city is the enormous amount of bicycles dotted around in banks near landmarks and certain parts of the canals. With Amsterdam being so compact, renting a bike and going exploring like the Dutchman would and the city’s size means it will be a lot of fun.

You can also cycle out of the centre of the city for about 20 minutes and you will find yourself surrounding by meadows in the countryside. If you are feeling really active, you can take a three hour journey to the next town of Utrecht. Cycling also has significant financial benefits and if you also try and find cheap flights to Amsterdam online, you can put together an extremely cheap holiday for yourself!


indonesian food

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When Dutch people go out to eat, they rarely go for traditional Dutch cuisine. Instead, you will see a lot of Dutch people tucking into Asian or south Mediterranean inspired dishes such as the Indonesian nasi goring. Indonesian food has quickly become the country’s adopted national dish in the past few years, so expect to see many restaurants with these kinds of dishes on the menu.

There are some Dutch cuisines that are worth trying, for example the Dutch take on sushi. Made from raw herring, you will find plenty of fish stands located around the city selling these delicacies to locals on the go.


While meal times may not be as important to Dutch people as you might find in other European countries such as Spain or France, Holland holds the crown for enjoying their snacks more. Throughout the day, you will see many of the locals enjoying local snacks such as kroket, which costs about a Euro and is one of the country’s favourites, especially when served with some mustard.


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Head over to FEBO, where you fill find the best range of snacks, and the best kroket, being served up automatically from little compartments that front the kitchen they are made from. You should also try some stroopwafels before you leave at the Albert Cuyp market. Made in front of you so you are guaranteed a fresh batch, when they are warm they will make you want to stay and eat them forever.

Dutch Psyche

Dutch people are generally quite laid back and although you may have heard that they refuse to associate with Germans, they understand more German than they are willing to admit. This is partly due to the history between the two countries and also because Germany is more like the big brother to the country and the Dutch natives would prefer to seem slightly different.

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